Oxford Digital also offers technology licensing for both consumer and professional audio platforms in areas including -

Audio effects for consumer devices:

  • SmartFx: an integrated suite of audio effects that can produce a more natural and louder sound with richer bass and dynamic range control (DRC) via an easy-to-use real-time GUI. Download SmartFx Product Brief
  • HFFx Auto: is a High Frequency restoration effect that compensates for audio high frequency loss due to lossy codecs and data 'throttling' & legacy codecs in streamed AV, digital Broadcast services and Digital TV as well as material that was originally band-limited (e.g. low sampling rate or analogue tape). HFFx Auto is also able to dynamically adapt to varying channel bandwidth (e.g. switching between DTV channels). In addition it can be used for up-conversion to higher sampling rates to generate a more natural 'open' sound. Download HFFx Auto / HFFx Auto UC Product Brief
  • NMFx: a 'Night Mode' effect to provide intelligibility on quiet speech whilst arresting loud sounds such as explosions so as not to disturb others in adjoining rooms or apartments. Download NMFx Product Brief
  • VoxBoost: improves speech intelligibility by raising the level of speech in relation to other sounds. Download VoxBoost Product Brief
  • SINR: Single Input Noise Reduction, an efficient way to reduce background noise on content to improve intelligibilty. Download overview
  • MajEQ: a versatile EQ tuning tool for either semi or fully automatically matching a frequency response target curve, for example for loudspeaker correction. Download MajEq Product Brief
  • MajEQ Speech: as MajEQ, but for speech/voice applications. Download MajEq Speech Product Brief

Audio DSP for Pro-Audio:

  • MajEQ Pro: a versatile EQ tool for either semi or fully automatically matching of a frequency response target curve. It can be deployed either in 'Static Mode' (e.g. for venue correction) or 'Dynamic Mode' and used for continual dynamic adjustment of the EQ (e.g. for tracking changing frequency responses required for correction of atmospheric absorption of high frequencies at live events). Download MajEQ Pro introduction
  • Oxford Digital EQ is a comprehensive EQ including our patented SmoothEQ (an EQ that allows dynamic arbitrary specification of frequency response from either a GUI or sensors), New Graphic EQ (SmoothEQ with a constrained set of frequency points), High and Low-pass filters with continuously variable slope, Baxandall style Tone Control, High and Low Shelving filters which have continuously variable in-band frequency response over control and classic Bell or Presence filters with continuously variable gain, frequency and Q. Download Oxford Digital EQ Introduction
  • Balanced Phase EQ is an EQ that produces phase-coherent outputs from multiple audio channels that have different EQ settings. Download Balanced Phase EQ Overview

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