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Oxford Digital has extensive experience in designing and implementing audio effects for consumer electronic products and also in working with clients to optimise product performance at the required price-point.

We are a certified PurePath™ Studio Developer (specialising in TLV320AIC3254) and can either implement our client's design as a PurePath Studio component or else provide 'off-the-shelf' or 'full-custom' audio effects as PurePath Studio components to meet our client's needs. See PurePath™ Studio Third-Party Developers Network page on the Texas Instruments website.

ARM connected

Oxford Digital is a specialist in providing solutions for audio challenges in professional and consumer audio applications. Our team has more than 20 years' experience in delivering "the best" in audio processing.

We specialise in audio DSP and application programming for ARM 7, 9 and Audio DE - see our company profile and our product information on the ARM website.

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