The 'Tiny' DSP Core

The 'Tiny' core is a highly efficient, low-cost, stream processor for audio applications that can be integrated into chips such as ADC/DAC front-ends, multimedia processors, SOCs, etc.


  • The 'Tiny' Core can be implemented in 16, 24 or 32 bit (or indeed any other bit-width) configuration
  • Oxford Digital is currently working on implementations using from 65nm to 180nm technology
  • Power consumption is a major issue and the low power techniques used vary depending on the technology (e.g. at very small geometries static power dominates, at bigger geometries dynamic power is the key)
  • Chip area for the core varies from .5mm square to 1mm square depending on the technology


  • These afford the ability to hear results in real time prior to silicon being available
  • They also guarantee the accuracy of implementation
  • There is no commitment to silicon before all the cross-checks agree at bit-accurate level


3rd Parties can securely supply licensed software:

  • Core will run encrypted code
  • Encryption is on an instruction-by-instruction basis
  • Can support multiple encrypted code from different manufacturers

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