Consumer Equipment Manufacturers

Oxford Digital offers a range of services and products that are valuable in improving audio quality and the listening experience in consumer equipment such as loudspeakers, soundbars, TVs, portable & mobile devices and headphones. These services and products include:

  • Chip solutions
  • Software solutions (e.g. ARM implementations)
  • Audio effects implemented for a specific platform
  • Optimisation of the performance of particular products

Manufacturers of consumer equipment face a number of audio challenges that Oxford Digital can help overcome. These challenges include:

  • Improving sound quality
  • Extending both low and high frequency response range
  • Aiding listening and intelligibility in noisy environments
  • Providing exciting audio effects
  • Loudspeaker and earphone correction
  • Night-mode operation to avoid disturbing other family members or neighbours
  • Enhancing dialogue intelligibility

Current Oxford Digital effects that enhance the audio operation of Personal Devices include:

  • EQ-master: used for preset effects and speaker/earphone correction
  • Loud-master: used to make the audio seem louder without increasing the peak voltage to the loudspeaker
  • Peak-master: used to enhance listening and intelligibility in noisy environments. This gives a dramatic improvement that removes the need for frequent adjustment of local volume controls
  • Edge-master: used to add 'punch' to percussive effects or to remove transients to avoid overload and save battery drain or for background listening
  • Bass-master: used to improve the bass response of speakers and earphones beyond the range that they can naturally reproduce
  • Wide-master: used to enhance listening and give the impression of a bigger space
  • HFFX high frequency extension for restoration of material that has been damaged by lossy encoding (e.g. mp3) or was recorded band-limited or for up-conversion to 2*Fs or higher sampling rates
  • NMFx for 'night mode' operation which reduces loud noises (e.g. explosions in movies) whilst increasing the intelligibility of quiet speech.
  • In the words of one of Oxford Digital's clients, combinations of the above effects truly do yield 'eye-popping' results.

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Consumer Equipment Manufacturers